It’s outrageous that Mitch McConnell and the Republicans plan to push through the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett to replace Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg while the presidential election is in progress. Does he really think that the American public will forget how he insisted that the people should decide who chose the replacement for Justice Scalia ten months before the 2016 election? McConnell and Trump are making a naked grab for power because they can, the will of the people be damned.

It’s a good bet for them. The worse that can happen is they lose their elections. But they…

Thousands of children missed out on crucial education when the schools shut down for the last three months of the school year. Thank goodness, my child (and most of the children in the lives of my family and close friends) finished high school and college before COVID 19 disrupted all our lives. All he missed out on was a graduation ceremony. But kids in our community took a big hit.

Some of us have flexible woprk lives, broadband access, enough devices for everyone to work. But lots of folks don’t. The same people whose kids have missed all that school…

Because I had signed up to get the ebook from the library, I was pleasantly surprised to have it available the day it came out. That was the last pleasant thing about it.

I didn’t learn much new about Trump. Previous books and reporting told the world that he is erratic, ignorant, incurious and self-absorbed. The news about his asking China for help with his reelection has already been shared.

So what did I learn? That John Bolton personifies the Ugly American. If you don’t remember the book (it was also a movie), it depicted an American foreign policy —…

We white people need to listen up. 2020 has been crazy for everyone, but it has been a lot harder on black and brown people than on white folks. In case you hadn’t noticed, white people are more likely to be able to work at home, and, therefore, less likely to have lost jobs. Black and brown people are more likely to get COVID 19, more likely to have preexisting conditions that are aggravated by it, and more likely to die.

Police keep killing black and brown people who aren’t doing anything wrong and expect to get away with it…

Passover has been my favorite holiday since I was a child. Since my parents died five years ago, the Seders have been at my house. But even before then, I helped to make the Seder with vegetarian matzo ball soup, the orange on the Seder plate, or a song.

This year is different. COVID 19 keeps us from gathering in person. It seems pointless to make the big meal for the two of us. Hosting an online Seder means having a Seder plate but not passing around all the items we eat as part of the ceremony.

I have spent…

We have a choice to make, as a nation. What kind of people do we want to be? On the deepest level, who do we think we are?

We’re picking a president. We’re deciding who gets to make the decisions in Washington and what we want them to focus on.

We have to reduce our emissions to slow the progress of global warming. It has already progressed to the extent that the atmosphere will continue to heat up for decades no matter how drastically we cut back now. We need to get started before it’s too late.

What kind of world do I want?

I’m a values…

Now that the House has voted to impeach Trump, progressives are beginning to call for the Senate to convict and remove him from office. My mailbox is already filling up with requests for support. Meanwhile, Mitch McConnell says the trial will be conducted however the president wants. He expects that no Republicans will vote to convict Trump. It should be over very quickly.

Not so fast, folks. We need to have a trial. The House must present evidence to the Senate. All the people who were subpoenaed to testify to Congress should testify before the Senate. …

Of course I want Donald Trump out of the White House. But that’s not enough. There is so much more going on than whatever Trump tweeted today. The problems are even greater than Trump’s corruption and self-dealing.

We need to look at the big picture. What kind of society do we want to be? How do we want to live?

Photo by Vidar Nordli-Mathisen on Unsplash

I’m for Bernie Sanders because he shares my vision for the country (or, I should say, I share his) — a society where all of us are valued, where recognizing the dignity of work means that everyone earns a living…

The third Democratic debate demonstrated that former Vice-President Joe Biden should not be the nominee for President in 2020. Whether you’re a progressive, a centrist, or somewhere in between, you — and all voters — deserve better.

There are many reasons that Biden was never my first choice. But what struck me during the debate was that Biden couldn’t manage to complete one thought before he started on another. He switched topics in mid-sentence. It happened several times.

For example, Biden called his plan Medicare for All, then refined it to Medicare for Choice. …

Michelle Oxman

Writer, attorney, knitter, mom by adoption, activist. Always open to learning and growth.

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